Frequently Asked Questions

How old does baby need to be for baby massage? 

For baby massage we recommend the babies are 6+ weeks. This gives them a chance to adjust to the world, gives mum a chance to recover from birth and they will have had their 6 week check with the health visitor. 

My baby is 6 weeks but hasn't had their check yet can we still sign up for baby massage?

If they are 6 weeks and haven't had their check yet then yes you can still sign up for baby massage I will just get you to add onto the registration form that they have not had their check yet but that you are happy to participate in the class prior to having the check.

Do we need to bring anything with us to baby massage?

For baby massage you will need to bring with you: 

-A towel for baby to lie on 

- changing bag 

Everything else will be provided for you during the class.

What if my baby needs feeding or cries during a class?

If your baby needs feeding during any of our sessions then you are encouraged to feed them. if they miss part of the class that is ok, it is important that we listen to their needs and build that trusting relationship. 

Crying is a natural way for babies to communicate with us. During each session there will always be some crying as babies tell us what they need. ALL babies will cry at some point, you will not be alone and ALL of the other parents have been there! There will be no judgement if baby cries!

What do we do in baby yoga? Do we have to join in?

Our baby yoga classes primarily focus on exercises that will support babies natural development. We do moves that will encourage them to work both sides of the brain at the same time, learn to control their bodies, build their flexibility, support learning to roll, sit, crawl and move. Some of the exercises will also involve simple exercises for mum/dad too, such as swinging baby (safely), a bridge and cat position. There will only be 1 or 2 of these exercises each week.

Can someone come with me to classes?

Coming to a class for the first time can be quite daunting and so if you would like to bring someone with you then that is absolutely fine. 

If your partner is off or a grandparent would like to come along then we would love to see them at classes.

In Baby Massage we use a smaller warmer room and so this may be the only time we may restrict the number of people coming into the class as we would struggle to fit 20 adults into the room. 

How old does baby need to be for baby yoga?

We run our baby yoga classes in different age groups: 

Beginners Baby Yoga - for babies 8-20 weeks 

Advanced Baby Yoga - for babies 20 weeks to moving 

Yoga Movers - for babies on the move

My baby is 20 weeks and we haven't done beginners can we join straight into the advanced class?

Yes if your baby is 20 weeks then you can join straight onto our advanced class you do not have to have completed beginners to attend. 

The only guideline we have is that baby should be able to support their own head.

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