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YoBambino offers classes for the whole family.  

Baby Massage

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Yobambino was established in January 2017. 

All classes are run by our qualified instructor Katrina Dodd. Katrina trained with Hands on Babies in November 2016 and then went on to complete training with Rainbow Kids Yoga in January 2018.

In March 2019 YoBambino registered as a limited company we are hoping to bring some new classes to you all soon. 

Katrina has a BA Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies and has worked in various settings including: private day nurseries, as a Youth Worker on cruise ships and for a local children's charity.


Full enhanced DBS certification. 

Classes run in Barrow and Dalton. 

We aim to offer classes that are relaxed, friendly and fun. Babies will always be the centre of the class as we know that they do not always want to work to our schedule so we are flexible with how things run. One thing that we know is that babies cry. It is how they communicate with us and so if your baby is a crier please do not worry, I promise you that during a class they will not be the only ones making themselves heard.

Baby massage and baby yoga class sizes will be kept between 12 and 15 maximum. This offers the opportunity to get to know the other parents and babies and make new friends. 

Story Time Yoga will have 20 places available per session

Family Yoga classes will have a maximum of 30 parents and children per class. 

We hope that you can come and join us for either baby massage, baby yoga, story time yoga or family yoga at a class near you.

Baby Massage 


Baby massage has been around in many cultures for thousands of years but it has only been in western cultures since the 1970's. There has been vast amounts of research done to assess the benefits of baby massage for both baby and parent. Baby needs loving touch and skin to skin contact just as much as they need food. 

By gently massaging the skin we are creating positive touch experiences, strengthening the bond between parent and baby and stimulating babies senses. We are also providing relief from some common ailments such as colic, wind, constipation, colds and teething pains.

You will learn a set routine of moves that will be built up over the 5 weeks. We always begin with the legs because these are the least sensitive part of the body, then we will learn the tummy (great for getting the bowels moving regularly), then we move onto the chest, arms and hands (stimulating natural reflexes), then the head, face and back moves (head and face moves can relieve the symptoms of colds and teething pains), the final session will be a full body run through. 

The new area of massage will be learnt first each week just in case little one doesn't make it through the full massage, this can often be the case as their needs do not always follow our timetable! During classes we expect their to be crying, passing of wind, nappy changes, feeding and probably a bit of sick! I cannot stress enough how much non of these things will effect the session, your baby is the most important part and I will always encourage you to follow their needs. Listening to the explanation of how to complete the moves is just as important as practicing them, you will be given a laminated sheet with the moves on each week so that you can practice massage at home, you can also share what you have learnt with your partner as skin to skin contact is important for both parents! 



 Baby Yoga 

Babies are very natural yogis, they will get themselves into different positions without even knowing that they are doing it! By completing baby yoga we can support their natural development and build up their strength, flexibility and co-ordination. When babies are born their brain is ready to learn lots of new information which is why the early years are so important to their development. When we complete moves with baby we are not only working their bodies but helping them to build those connections in their brain about how their bodies move and work. 

Baby Yoga will also help babies with constipation, wind, colic and help to improve sleep patterns. Often we will find that by the end of a class most babies are asleep or are ready to go to sleep as they leave. 

Some of the moves we complete are accompanied by songs or rhymes to add more fun to the sessions. 

Each move is completed 3 times with a short rest period in-between and we will complete between 8 or 9 moves in a session which will take about 20-25 minutes. As with baby massage you will be encouraged to follow the needs of your baby so if they need feeding, changing or just a cuddle during a session then don't worry just see to their needs and join back in when they are ready. Also we expect crying during a session it is normal communication for babies and they will often take it in turns to cry for different reasons so don't let this put you off coming to a session. 

Story Time Yoga 


Story Time Yoga sessions are about combining the magic of stories with the skills of yoga. These sessions are 1 hour long and we will read through the story doing yoga moves as we go. By doing the moves as we go through the book rather than at the end we encourage the children to engage with the session and we are not asking them to sit still for too long. The story will take between 15-20 minutes to read and then we will sing some of our favourite nursery rhymes. Once we have done this then we get out the toys for the babies and children to play with and have a craft activity out on the table for all to enjoy. 

The craft activity will vary each session and we try and have something that everyone can participate in. 

We do not set an age limit on these sessions, it is important for children of all ages to be together learning from each other and socialising together. Each move will be explained in a way that will allow all abilities to participate. 


MummyNatal is a 6 week course for mums-to-be. Our weekly classes for mums include: birth ball exercises for pregnancy and birth, mindfulness inspired techniques for a positive labour and birth, birth education, meditations to help you feel calmer and more relaxed during pregnancy and birth, breathing practice to keep you calm and focused during birth, building a mindset for a positive birthing experience, bonding with baby and encouraging their optimum position for birth, meet other like-minded mums-to-be due in your area. 

Open to any mums-to-be at any stage of their pregnancy. 

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